The mission of Crago Software Design & Consulting, Inc. is to provide superior quality computer software system design, programming, installation, and consulting services to government, education, and business in the USA.  The areas of specialization are Microsoft® operating systems, the World Wide Web, Unisys® Agile Business Suite (ABS - the object-oriented LINC), Unisys® Enterprise Application Environment (EAE) systems (formerly known as LINC), Unisys® MCP operating system environments,  and the integration of these environments.  The main geographic area of concentration is Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana; however, any location in the USA will be considered.

Unisys Services

We design, program, install and upgrade Unisys Enterprise Application Environment (LINC) and Agile Business Suite systems including  Developer,  Builder, and Component Enabler.  We also have indepth experience with MCP, DMSII, Cobol, and Algol.

Custom Windows Programming

Are you using complicated spread sheets to keep track of your information?  Do you browse through ledgers or card files to find that critical fact?  Do you have database software that is out of date?  Ask us about off the shelf solutions or programs tailored to your specific needs.

Consulting Service

We have advised large corporations on complex, enterprise wide solutions and small businesses on simple, single-user desk top applications.  We take the same approach to both.  Listen.  Investigate.  Advise.  Plan.  Implement. 

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